Monday, March 25, 2013 0

The other side

By Reginia Anzela

I'm back! although I was in the middle of hectic schedule, I probably will not post for the whole month due to the final projects end term, it was like 24 hours can't solve my problem, I need more than a day to complete all of the task. So I just drop by with some picture in the other side of my room, this is my dressing table, I don't do makeup generally but somehow I love to secure my makeup kit in one section (rarely use them). 

I put some of this bright color flower to popped up the spring breeze. Actually I used fake flowers because whenever I start gardening with real flower and plants, it died. So plants can't handle my bad habits. I'm sorry, living creature --

My all-time-fave body lotion from Body Shop

Favorite perfume from Etude House ,it's light fragrance but attract people, haha 
that's all, wish that I can handle the pressure for all go my assignment, and wish you all a great day !

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