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Friday, July 20, 2012 0

Place to be happy

By Reginia Anzela

This time I'll show some part of my room. Nothing really flashy I think, but this are my favorite place to be ;)
For everyone else, room are most important place to hangout by yourself or friends or just to chill out from a really hectic day. So putting your favorite stuff around your room will be a nice and comfortable environment for you.

I really love to read whether it novels or comic books

I am a sticky note lovers. I can buy a bunch of different colours of sticky note and stick it around my room. haha

The inspirations board on my previous post

This is some of my secret guiding of life, it was actually a quotation books which my mom gave me.

This some of my painting brush


So that's just some photos in my room, I'm still enjoying my holidays until my first day at college.
 Whatever what you've been doing right now, I wish you a great day !

Thursday, July 19, 2012 0

Morning surprise

By Reginia Anzela

Helloo , not blogging for a long time since holidays started, now I'm officially a college student !
So now I'm starting a whole new life after high school, and it should be awesome ;)
Just this morning when I'm about to wake up, my dad entered my room and giving me an envelope, it was actually a gift from the awesome blogger Marcella Caroline, she just held a giveaway few weeks ago and happily I was one of the winners. So the price is a gift voucher which you can spent at PICNIC ! I am so excited because Picnic is a new store which just opened at Gandaria City , can't wait to spent it right away ! 

Until next time, I wish you all are having a great time, a great life ! :)