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Thursday, August 16, 2012 0


By Reginia Anzela

Hi again people ! This time I will talk about what is happening on this season.

  • Crochet Tops is one of the most popular items this season, not only easy to combined with but also gave us a soft and creamy look and it really suited the summertime.
  • Casual summer dress is a must have in your closet, you also can combine an outerwear or an unique fun accessories (it can be a cool collar necklace) and you always can wear any summer dress everywhere :D
  • Mint! The highlight of this season is mint colours. Try to find an items with mint color because it really have a nice, soft yet sophisticated looks.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012 0

Cotton Ink giveaway by Sabila Anata

By Reginia Anzela

Yellow readers ! I have been postponed my blogging activity recently and now I am freshly back.
I am joining a giveaway by the gorgeus Sabila Anata and the winning prize is a voucher to shop at Cotton Ink ! For your information, Cotton Ink was one of the local brand which is collaborating two young designer both creative and talented Carline Darjanto and Ria Sarwono. Since fashion are now one of the biggest industry, there also a lot of great designer comes along, it really makes me feel proud with a lot of young designer who shared their passion for fashion by creating not only a product but an artwork. Many people think that fashion is only about blink blink things and shopping spree but I'm really hoping that peoples will actually see fashion through the hardwork, creativity, and creations.

You also join this amazing giveaway , check on the link below :

So that is it for this time, I wish I can catch up with you all soon. I will enter my college year next month and I hope I will have a great college life also a step closer to my dreams.
Whatever you are doing right now, I wish you a bunch of luck :)