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Wednesday, March 28, 2012 0


By Reginia Anzela

My last trip to singapore was fun. It's always a new and interesting experience everytime I went to singapore
I love the street where people walk and shop, good restaurants good food also, and nice view out there !

 Here at Wisma Atria (Orchard road), I used to eat at the Food Republic and enjoy a delight lunch !

 ION orchard

here at Marina Bay Sands

well, that's all for the fast trip ! 

Saturday, March 24, 2012 0

Heat and breeze

By Reginia Anzela

This are my favorite perfume bottle ! cute huh ?
Actually this belong to my mom at her younger ages, but she think it suit me better. So thanks mom ! 
brighter color truly makes me feel the summer heat or the spring breeze. Love the way how colors affect us :)

Friday, March 23, 2012 0

Sweater Forever

By Reginia Anzela

Hey earth people ! Just landed on some new shot. 
So this is my new sweater from MANGO , it such a nice color !
I don't know for sure why I'm loving this kinda color lately ;) 

 My grandma bought me a local made bracelet from her trip to Karimunjawa island-INDONESIA. It's kinda cute when someone (even your grandma) bought you a gift from trips. It's lovely that they still remember other people. 

So, tomorrow I'll going through a test at school, wish me luck !
see you soon !

Thursday, March 22, 2012 0

Station of mine

By Reginia Anzela

Hey there ! Just got a time to relax a bit from books books and books.
This time I just want to share my work station at home, I've do a lot of things here, such as drawing and other unimportant stuff. Like really, sometimes I'm just sitting here and do nothing. haha

Well as you see, there's my idea-board which is a place for me to put things I love or ANYTHING of it.
This kinda idea-board really increasing your creativity. So I suggest you got one of these, it can be small or large or even you can make idea-board on your wall. 

 Try to combine your art work (Photos, drawing etc)  into it or any element like accessories or neklaces. And some of you might love fashion (all of you), so ! you can put your fashion-idea like cutting an outfit picture from magazines and sticked your board with it. It can be fun when your friends came around to your house and found this board, they actually can see your art work and creativity.
 My mom gave me this birthday card on my birthday, so you also can put your memorable things, it can be photos, autograph or things which worth much for you.
So, this are some of my drawings.

And last, I hope you can make one of the idea board. It's not expensive , it just need your creativity into it.
Ciao ;)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012 0

Live busy

By Reginia Anzela

Hey. not blogging for a while
I'm kinda doing my stuff lately, not stuff exactly, I'm having my exams and yet national exams next april, so I was so damn busy lately
So this is one of the outfit which I love. I love the color and the combination between the vest and inner layer also I've got an exact color for the shoes. haha
Well, I'm gonna getting busy again. Until then wish me luck for my BIG EXAM .