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Tuesday, December 18, 2012 2

Still that one

By Reginia Anzela

I'm back again ! this is such an enjoy full moment. This is christmas holiday !
unfortunately my house are under construction so there will no christmas trees for the next 3 or 4 days :(
This time I will show you my favorite room corner (again) but this time I do some twist to light it a bit, I  am this kind of person who will sit down in my room for a whole day, so it really nice to have an amazing view outside and a comfy chair.

 I've made this tiny-like miniature clothes, this all just for fun :D

This is such a random post, so I wish you have a great holiday, maybe I will not posting for the next 3 days, I am really enjoying my alone moment lately. So until next time people ;)
By the way, feel free to catch me up on tumblr! 

Monday, December 17, 2012 0

Coming back home

By Reginia Anzela

A BIG hello to the universe !!! This is like a fresh comeback from me, since I started my college year, it was hectic and I don't even find any spare time for me to chill a bit
as you all know, I've been taking a fashion design diploma and guess what ? I already finished my first semester ! this had been a very tight schedule where all my assignment are stuccoed in the back of my head, but time passed by and now all the handwork and sleepless night pays off with a long holiday !
This is actually a random picture I've taken lately, don't find the right time to post. 
Lately I get my Tumblr activity going on, so it will be an honor for me if you all feel free to stepped by to my tumblr account :D

 By the way, christmas is coming forward and I can't wait for the jingle-ing time ! wish you a great day ahead and a moment to cherish ;)

Thursday, August 16, 2012 0


By Reginia Anzela

Hi again people ! This time I will talk about what is happening on this season.

  • Crochet Tops is one of the most popular items this season, not only easy to combined with but also gave us a soft and creamy look and it really suited the summertime.
  • Casual summer dress is a must have in your closet, you also can combine an outerwear or an unique fun accessories (it can be a cool collar necklace) and you always can wear any summer dress everywhere :D
  • Mint! The highlight of this season is mint colours. Try to find an items with mint color because it really have a nice, soft yet sophisticated looks.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012 0

Cotton Ink giveaway by Sabila Anata

By Reginia Anzela

Yellow readers ! I have been postponed my blogging activity recently and now I am freshly back.
I am joining a giveaway by the gorgeus Sabila Anata and the winning prize is a voucher to shop at Cotton Ink ! For your information, Cotton Ink was one of the local brand which is collaborating two young designer both creative and talented Carline Darjanto and Ria Sarwono. Since fashion are now one of the biggest industry, there also a lot of great designer comes along, it really makes me feel proud with a lot of young designer who shared their passion for fashion by creating not only a product but an artwork. Many people think that fashion is only about blink blink things and shopping spree but I'm really hoping that peoples will actually see fashion through the hardwork, creativity, and creations.

You also join this amazing giveaway , check on the link below :

So that is it for this time, I wish I can catch up with you all soon. I will enter my college year next month and I hope I will have a great college life also a step closer to my dreams.
Whatever you are doing right now, I wish you a bunch of luck :)

Friday, July 20, 2012 0

Place to be happy

By Reginia Anzela

This time I'll show some part of my room. Nothing really flashy I think, but this are my favorite place to be ;)
For everyone else, room are most important place to hangout by yourself or friends or just to chill out from a really hectic day. So putting your favorite stuff around your room will be a nice and comfortable environment for you.

I really love to read whether it novels or comic books

I am a sticky note lovers. I can buy a bunch of different colours of sticky note and stick it around my room. haha

The inspirations board on my previous post

This is some of my secret guiding of life, it was actually a quotation books which my mom gave me.

This some of my painting brush


So that's just some photos in my room, I'm still enjoying my holidays until my first day at college.
 Whatever what you've been doing right now, I wish you a great day !

Thursday, July 19, 2012 0

Morning surprise

By Reginia Anzela

Helloo , not blogging for a long time since holidays started, now I'm officially a college student !
So now I'm starting a whole new life after high school, and it should be awesome ;)
Just this morning when I'm about to wake up, my dad entered my room and giving me an envelope, it was actually a gift from the awesome blogger Marcella Caroline, she just held a giveaway few weeks ago and happily I was one of the winners. So the price is a gift voucher which you can spent at PICNIC ! I am so excited because Picnic is a new store which just opened at Gandaria City , can't wait to spent it right away ! 

Until next time, I wish you all are having a great time, a great life ! :)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012 1

New Adventure part 2

By Reginia Anzela


To go to Marina Bay Sands, if you are travelling alone by yourself you might choose MRT instead of taxi. MRT cost only SGD$ 4 from orchard MRT Station.

There at Singapore, I just got a pair of this cute ribbon flat from a big sale the day before.  
An amazing view at Marina

The next day I went to Bugis Junction and also stopped by Haji lane 

 There a lot of stand inside the Bugis Junction and they sell a cute stuff too.
Haji Lane is near to the Arab Street, there are also Bali Lane near it. So here at Haji Lane you can find a local boutique, interesting stuff that so unique and you can't find it at market.

Grafitti at Haji Lane

So maybe it's enough for this trip. I wish I can travel more this year to another different country and places and finding a way to catch my dreams. And for you all out there, I wish you can do your best on everything you are doing rite now ! :)

Monday, May 21, 2012 0

New Adventure

By Reginia Anzela

Maybe around a weeks ago I've been thinking how to spend my holiday wisely. Well it was a coincidence when I browse for a ticket to Singapore, and I was bored to death at home without doing anything after that big exams. So why not spend a couples day there while waiting for the graduation announcement, I am so terrified waiting for the announcement but I need to believe in myself that I'll pass the national exam.
College is just an extended high school, it's like you have to pick where you want to drive yourself into.
So I have been thinking a lot and decided I'll take a diploma at LASALLE College of Arts , I'll take a Fashion Design diploma which I love since I was a kid . wish me luck

This time at Singapore, it's not hectic as holiday week but it was quite crowded as always. I got there on Saturday, may 12 and spent my time going to every place my feet could walk (now my feet are still sore).
Rather than spending my money on hotel fare, I choose a room at small houses located at Jalan Jintan, it was quite comfortable and I love how it so close to orchard road.

My first day I went to IKEA , it was basically a (BIG) furniture store and it a nice place to fantasy-ing around. (If you watched 500 days of summer)

it's getting late already, let me continue my journey tomorrow ;)

Thursday, May 3, 2012 2

wear and walk

By Reginia Anzela

We talking about Footwear 
While I'm walking down the hectic streets , I just saw many people wore their variate shoes. Some of them are not quite comfortable with their shoe, and the others are so hard to walk with their shoe.
it's okay to wear your favorite footwear, maybe you want to find a shoe that match your outfit.
But everyone need to find that "comfortable" shoe to wear ! It can be a heels, boots, sandals, or sneakers. It  depends on what type you  like to wear and it should easy to walk with.
This picture below is half of my footwear collection. And I'm not really like over the top heels , but I've got mine, and all of this shoes are easy to wear. 

One of my favorite is the black boots on the right side 

This is a 6 cm bow top heels, I bought it from RUSH-Jurong West Central-Singapore
RUSH got so many different footwear with a affordable price. Go to Jurong Point when you went to Singapore.

 This is a leather slipper, I love how the colors suited my skin, so sometimes people see me not wearing them. 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012 0


By Reginia Anzela

Hello again people ! what are you doing today ? Hm , I'm just sitting in front of my computer since my exams are already done :D
Since there's no other things to do, I've been eat A LOT . sleep A LOT .
but there's always a time to hang out with blog :p
this is some of my summer/spring collection, all of the brighter colors are here !


If we talk about Summer , we talked about the heat too. Try to combined an outfit which suit the weather lately. Also play with brighter colors , even if the weather are so freaking hot, you just have to stay worn up !