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Wednesday, February 29, 2012 0

Beautiful Korea

By Reginia Anzela

My mom went to Korea a couple months ago, and yes I'm not going ... So she bought me a few shots there and it makes me want to go there !
Well, probably next time :)
There's a lake at the end of this beautiful lined tree road 
 This is one of the place on Winter Sonata movies

Friday, February 10, 2012 0

One year older

By Reginia Anzela

Hey hey, by the way I'm just turning seventeen ! 
And it's weird how everything seems so fast, sometimes I just need a pause button, just to remembering every step I've take.
 Being seventeen really make me realize that there's so many things I've been through and it made me want to struggle more and do better

Morning suprises from mom and dad


A touch of knit

By Reginia Anzela

It's February already ! Seems like everyone busy with Valentines thingy, and I'm just like study all the weeks. And yeah I'm gonna graduate soon from high school and there's a lot of thing I should prepare for it. So wish me luck ;)
So February should be fun huh ? So this is a touch of pink for this February and Valentine edition.
I'm not the type who wear pink a lot, but still it was a lovely color.
 I just love the touch of knit on top of the dress, and the dress itself bring a scent of summer