Monday, December 17, 2012 0

Coming back home

By Reginia Anzela

A BIG hello to the universe !!! This is like a fresh comeback from me, since I started my college year, it was hectic and I don't even find any spare time for me to chill a bit
as you all know, I've been taking a fashion design diploma and guess what ? I already finished my first semester ! this had been a very tight schedule where all my assignment are stuccoed in the back of my head, but time passed by and now all the handwork and sleepless night pays off with a long holiday !
This is actually a random picture I've taken lately, don't find the right time to post. 
Lately I get my Tumblr activity going on, so it will be an honor for me if you all feel free to stepped by to my tumblr account :D

 By the way, christmas is coming forward and I can't wait for the jingle-ing time ! wish you a great day ahead and a moment to cherish ;)

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