Monday, May 21, 2012 0

New Adventure

By Reginia Anzela

Maybe around a weeks ago I've been thinking how to spend my holiday wisely. Well it was a coincidence when I browse for a ticket to Singapore, and I was bored to death at home without doing anything after that big exams. So why not spend a couples day there while waiting for the graduation announcement, I am so terrified waiting for the announcement but I need to believe in myself that I'll pass the national exam.
College is just an extended high school, it's like you have to pick where you want to drive yourself into.
So I have been thinking a lot and decided I'll take a diploma at LASALLE College of Arts , I'll take a Fashion Design diploma which I love since I was a kid . wish me luck

This time at Singapore, it's not hectic as holiday week but it was quite crowded as always. I got there on Saturday, may 12 and spent my time going to every place my feet could walk (now my feet are still sore).
Rather than spending my money on hotel fare, I choose a room at small houses located at Jalan Jintan, it was quite comfortable and I love how it so close to orchard road.

My first day I went to IKEA , it was basically a (BIG) furniture store and it a nice place to fantasy-ing around. (If you watched 500 days of summer)

it's getting late already, let me continue my journey tomorrow ;)

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