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wear and walk

By Reginia Anzela

We talking about Footwear 
While I'm walking down the hectic streets , I just saw many people wore their variate shoes. Some of them are not quite comfortable with their shoe, and the others are so hard to walk with their shoe.
it's okay to wear your favorite footwear, maybe you want to find a shoe that match your outfit.
But everyone need to find that "comfortable" shoe to wear ! It can be a heels, boots, sandals, or sneakers. It  depends on what type you  like to wear and it should easy to walk with.
This picture below is half of my footwear collection. And I'm not really like over the top heels , but I've got mine, and all of this shoes are easy to wear. 

One of my favorite is the black boots on the right side 

This is a 6 cm bow top heels, I bought it from RUSH-Jurong West Central-Singapore
RUSH got so many different footwear with a affordable price. Go to Jurong Point when you went to Singapore.

 This is a leather slipper, I love how the colors suited my skin, so sometimes people see me not wearing them. 

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  1. Ohmygawd I love your shoes collection! :D

  2. Thank you ! Lovely to hear that :)

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