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A childhood fling

By Reginia Anzela

Meet my unique vintage friends, this is one of my dolls collection.
I think there is no age-limit to keep you childhood memories, no need to throw all of your stuff out, it is really important to have some space for your childhood stuff, also it can be a your room decoration.
I actually never named my dolls before, but after a while I think it's a great idea to named them, the names I choose are Daisy and Bree, it came from flower I adore the most. 
of course you all know Daisy flower, and the my other favorite is Baby's breath, so instead of calling it 'baby' or 'breath', I make a nickname Bree from breath !
this is Daisy
 and this is Bree

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  1. Thank you for your sweet comment, dear! I really appreciate it :">
    Daisy and Bree are so adorable and I love the way you named both of them!

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