Saturday, October 15, 2011 0


By Reginia Anzela

blazer . G2000 - t shirt - short jeans - blue silk scarf from Grandma
this is my first blazer, it really hard to go shopping and found there's nothing fit to you. yeah, my body are so small for a sixteen years old girl, so it always became the worst nightmare when I go shopping. When you already got the best curve and broad shoulder, YOU HAVE TO FEEL LUCKY GIRLS ! do you know how hard I tried to find something I like and well fitted ? but this size thing really made me changed my mind about fashion and how to dressed, maybe there's a lot obstacle getting through me, and I appreciate fashion taste and sense rather than good skinny body, who cares if you're super small size or over size ? be yourself, and everyone have their own taste and sense, so keep on going and find where you going to. :) 

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